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Door 74 Timo Janse

Door 74 with Timo Janse

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Still bar hopping in Amsterdam, this week Ed and Arthur met up with Timo Janse of Door 74. He started out working at hotel bars before there was a cocktail scene in Amsterdam and soon enough he was running a place considered one of the World’s 50 Best Bars. As an active participant as a judge and competitor at cocktail festivals around the world, he’s proven that the Dutch are a force to be reckoned with. With such a diverse population around him, he draws inspiration from cultures all over the world and the spirits that connect us. So grab a glass of baijiu and have a listen.

Guillermo Gonzalez

Hiding in Plain Sight with Guillermo Gonzalez

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The guys are in Amsterdam and hitting some of the best bars in the world – in Amsterdam. Born in Argentina, raised in Miami, and now residing in Amsterdam, Guillermo Gonzalez is operating one of the best bars in the world. This week he sits down to talk with the guys about life in Amsterdam, how he operates his bar, Hiding in Plain Sight (HPS), under the radar and still serves some of the best drinks in town, and how the cocktail scene in Amsterdam has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years.

Aric Geesaman of Ash Blaeds

Ashblaeds and Knifemaking

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Aric Geesaman of Ash Blaeds has a background in the sciences, but his frustration with cheap knives lead to a whole new business. He drops by to talk about metallurgy, forging blades, making custom knives for professional chefs and home cooks, reality television, choosing the right sword for the right armor, and “The Blondes Age”.

Chris Morrison

Black Metal BBQ

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It’s our Independence Day Episode! What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with BBQ and heavy metal? This week’s guest does it all – a food truck, competitions, full-time work in Criminal Justice, and brings it all together with the edge of black metal. Chris Morrison’s Black Metal BBQ has been working it’s way up to the top of BBQ competitions. Though he’s relatively new to the circuit, he’s been barbequing for over a decade. Chris fills us in on regional styles, how the competition judging works, and offers some tips for those of you looking to become the neighborhood pitmaster. Hint: drink a lot of bourbon.

Patrick Aledo

Wines of Alsace with Patrick Aledo

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Patrick Aledo took over as General Manager of Pierre Sparr in Alsace, France in 2009. Under his direction, the winery has released some beautiful expressions of the Alsace terroir. Uniquely situated on the border between France and Germany, Alsatians make wines that, according to The World Atlas of Wine, are “Germanic wine in a French way”. Varietals like Muscat, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, and Gewurztraminer thrive here, but Riesling is king. Patrick discusses why wines of Alsace are so different from their French and German cousins, a bit of the history of Pierre Sparr, Alsatian dogs, and invites us to the Alsace Wine Fair – which we immediately decided we would attend. Look for shows from Europe in August.

Mony Bunni

Speed Rack & Sherry with Mony Bunni

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Mony Bunni is one of Chicago’s hardest working bartenders – working three jobs while serving as a brand ambassador for Bodegas Lustau sherry. Fresh off her win at Speed Rack, Mony drops in to talk about sherry, brandy, travel, and the Speed Rack competition and how the organization helps raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Special note to bartenders: there is a Lustau cocktail competition happening now. We talk about it at the end. You have until June 30th, 2017 to submit.

Isaac and Cody

Craft Beer Branding

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Breweries are popping up across the country so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Our guests this week, Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design, specialize in helping craft brewers with the branding process – from the taprooms, logos and website, to the story behind the breweries themselves. Having worked with dozens of breweries, CODO Design just released a new book – the Craft Beer Branding Guide. We sat down the the guys, drank some great local brews, and talked about the pitfalls of creating a beer brand.

Kate Franzman Brett Canaday

Beekeeping and Mead Making

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It’s spring, and that means it’s swarm season. This week, we’re sitting down with beekeeper Kate Franzman of Bee Public and mead maker Brett Canaday of New Day Craft to learn about honey, bees’ murderous tendencies, the battle for the throne, their portrayal in film, and mead – the nectar of the gods. If it’s good enough for the Vikings, it’s good enough for you. Valhalla, we are coming!

Nicolas Palazzi

Unicorn Booze with Nico Palazzi

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After deciding a career in chemical engineering wasn’t his calling, Nicolas Palazzi did what any insane person would do – he started an alcohol import business with no knowledge of how to do it. Now, just 6 years later, his company, PM Spirits, is known as the go-to for the rare and esoteric. Each bottle has a story, and Nico knows them all because he knows each producer personally. He champions the little guy and brings you all the things you didn’t know you wanted. Until now.

You can find photos of the bottles mentioned in this episode on our Instagram feed.