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Clay Robinson

Sun King Brewing with Clay Robinson

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This week we’re sitting down with Clay Robinson – the co-founder of Sun King Brewing in downtown Indianapolis. After satisfying a bit of wanderlust, working with corporately-owned breweries, and writing numerous business plans, Clay opened a small brewery in the heart of the city in 2009 that has now become a community leader, a pioneer in canned craft beer, and the first major production craft brewery in Indianapolis in decades. They kicked off a boom that lead to Indianapolis becoming one of the best craft beer cities in the country. Grab a pint and enjoy!

Greg Wilson

Wilks & Wilson: Purveyors of Fine Elixirs

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After spending decades in software and marketing, Greg Wilson partnered up with bartender Zach Wilks in 2012 to launch Wilks & Wilson. In six short years, the guys have grown from making syrups for a few bars in Indianapolis to an becoming an internationally-distributed producer of specialty mixers and bitters. You can find their syrups and bitters being used in home bars, Vegas casinos, cocktail competitions, some of the country’s most respected bars, and Italy & Australia.

Shift Culture

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The tables got turned on this week’s episode. We sat down with the guys from DRNK CLTR to talk about a bit about Shift Drink, and about our “day jobs”. We drank some Jamaican rum & French wine, discussed our lack of importance in the world, uppity sommeliers, rum’s increasing popularity, and how the Midwest is (mistakenly) perceived as flyover country.

Brother Cleve: Cocktail History, Exotica, and Tiki

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Brother Cleve is a true Renaissance Man. He’s a legendary bartender, an accomplished musician, an amateur historian, a charismatic storyteller, and a Minister of the Church of the SubGenius. He’s remixed Bollywood film music, toured the world playing exotica, and was instrumental in the craft cocktail revival. His place in cocktail history was recently documented in A Proper Drink: The Untold Story of How a Band of Bartenders Saved the Civilized Drinking World by Robert Simonson. He needs little introduction in cocktail & Tiki circles. Grab a Mai Tai and listen to the most interesting stories you’ll hear all day.

UPDATE: After listening, many people have expressed interest in his DJ work and his Bollywood mixes. You can find them at:

MIXCLOUD: Brother Cleve
MIXCLOUD: Cultures of Soul (look for the Brother Cleve mixes)

Ben Jones and St. Lucia Distillers

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It’s been a year since we’ve had Ben Jones on the show. The last time around (Rhum Agricole with Ben Jones) we were talking all things Martinique. This time he’s back to talk about St. Lucia Distillers, a relatively recent addition to the Spiribam portfolio. Learn a bit about how the islands work together, how the hurricanes affected the islands, the Ti’ Punch Cup, and rum salad. So grab a bottle of Chairman’s Reserve and have a listen.

Our Best/Worst Episode Yet – with Chris Benedyk

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This week we planned on talking with Chris Benedyk of Love Handle about the breakfast/brunch revolution. We planned on talking about how chefs that traditionally opened dinner-only restaurants are now rethinking their concepts and cooking innovative food for the morning hours. We planned to get deep into what makes a dish a “brunch dish”. We planned on delving into the world of offal and how it can elevate a breakfast. Instead Ed got drunk. With Chris Benedyk. In an hour.

Episode title stolen from The Boogie Monster Podcast

Vermouth, Amaro, and Haus Alpenz with Jake Parrott

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Vermouth, Amaro, and Haus Alpenz or:
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Tell Jake to Shut The F*ck Up

If there are two confusing categories of alcohol, vermouth and amaro are at the top of the list. There are few people as knowledgeable on the subject as Jake Parrott of Haus Alpenz. He’s an old friend of the show so expect some NSFW language and ribbing along with some twisting rabbit holes of information. This is a very deep subject and the best way is to dive right in. We recommend giving this episode a few listens while making some of the simple cocktail recipes that Jake offers up for our listeners. And don’t forget to check out their instagram feed for even more inspiration

Alexandre Gabriel

Alexandre Gabriel and Plantation Rum

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Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender and Owner of Maison Ferrand, has turned the company into one of the most important producers of fine spirits in the industry. He’s a bibliophile, voracious reader of historic texts, a farmer, and a perfectionist. As the charismatic leader of a band of misfits, he and his team have brought the world elegant Cognac, obtained permission to distill gin in Cognac stills during the off-season, and produces liqueurs that recall his childhood in Burgundy. But one of the biggest marks he’s leaving on the industry is with Plantation Rum. There is nary a rum producer that he doesn’t know. His Grands Terroirs series of rums exhibit the very essence of the islands from which they’re produced. His recent acquisition of the West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados is guaranteed to ensure that we’ll be tasting new expressions of Plantation Rums for decades to come.