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Brother Cleve: Cocktail History, Exotica, and Tiki

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Brother Cleve is a true Renaissance Man. He’s a legendary bartender, an accomplished musician, an amateur historian, a charismatic storyteller, and a Minister of the Church of the SubGenius. He’s remixed Bollywood film music, toured the world playing exotica, and was instrumental in the craft cocktail revival. His place in cocktail history was recently documented in A Proper Drink: The Untold Story of How a Band of Bartenders Saved the Civilized Drinking World by Robert Simonson. He needs little introduction in cocktail & Tiki circles. Grab a Mai Tai and listen to the most interesting stories you’ll hear all day.

UPDATE: After listening, many people have expressed interest in his DJ work and his Bollywood mixes. You can find them at:

MIXCLOUD: Brother Cleve
MIXCLOUD: Cultures of Soul (look for the Brother Cleve mixes)

Ben Jones and St. Lucia Distillers

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It’s been a year since we’ve had Ben Jones on the show. The last time around (Rhum Agricole with Ben Jones) we were talking all things Martinique. This time he’s back to talk about St. Lucia Distillers, a relatively recent addition to the Spiribam portfolio. Learn a bit about how the islands work together, how the hurricanes affected the islands, the Ti’ Punch Cup, and rum salad. So grab a bottle of Chairman’s Reserve and have a listen.