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David Andrichik

Dive Bars and Jazz Clubs

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David Andrichik is a pioneer in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Massachusetts Avenue. In 1982, while working for an architecture firm, he decided to invest in some real estate across the street from crack dealers. Little did he know that his purchase would put him at the helm of what is now considered the city’s best dive bar and jazz club. And he’s been there for 35 years. People from all walks of life grace the cracked vinyl conference room seating , living legends like Wynton Marsalis stop by to play sets, and he’s introducing jazz to a whole new generation. Get a beer and a shot, put on some jazz, and listen to the tales of David Andrichik.

Vinny Salas

Cheese with Vinny Salas

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To kick off 2018, we’re talking with one of our favorite people in the Midwest. Vinny Salas is a familiar face in Indianapolis culinary circles. For years, you could find him slinging cheese and cured meats at Goose the Market – owned by past guest Chris Eley. He’s since moved on to Caplinger’s Fresh Catch, but his cheese passion is stronger than ever. We’re all over the place today – cheese tradeshows, pairing marijuana with cheese, seasonal variations in cheese, misunderstood terminology in cheesemaking, and Vinny’s current modular synthesizer obsession. We recommend getting a few cheeses and a glass of white Rioja to enjoy while listening to this episode. Cheers!