Ed Rudisell
An Indianapolis restaurateur that co-owns and operates Black Market, RookSiam Square, and acclaimed the acclaimed Tiki destination,  The Inferno Room. He’s a true rum geek and travels whenever possible to distilleries, rum festivals, and to meet up with rum and Tiki enthusiasts. To unwind, you’ll often find him relaxing with a Ti’ Punch or a Mai Tai.

Arthur Black is a wine and spirits educator, with an emphasis on teaching others in the food & beverage community. He has lectured at numerous venues and universities and travels the world extensively to learn more about the human condition. In late 2018, he picked up the pace on his travels quite a bit after attending a yoga retreat in Guatemala and now co-hosts when his schedule allows. There are few things in life he enjoys more than yoga and a glass of grower champagne (but not together).

They’re both metalheads, are heavily tattooed, and have a tendency to curse at inappropriate times.

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